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 The Urban Legend Summer Adventures...      The Journey to be Cool


 The Urban Legend Summer Adventures...      The Journey to be Cool Board Game

The Urban Legend Board Game follows after the book The Urban Legend Summer Adventures The journey to be Cool.  

This is a simple (2) to (6) player game for ages 8 and up wherein each player races to the FINISH. 


Play as individuals racing through Paris’ “THE URBAN LEGEND” neighborhood, trying to find ways to stay COOL during the HOTTEST summer ever.  Making it from SCHOOL, through the neighborhood, and to the BLOCK PARTY will not be an easy task. 

A prankster brother (GENE), a daredevil cousin (ANTOINE), help PARIS along this journey, a little.  Beware of a killer dog named Fluffy aka CHEWBARKA, and neighborhood BULLIES.  ROCKETS, SHORT CUTS, ROLLER COASTERS, a little tattle tale name KONA, and more stand between you and the sweet taste of POP’S RIBS.  Oh, and VICTORY at the FINISH line.

 The Urban Legend African American Trivia Card


Use the trivia cards to play trivia pursuit, pictionary, and charades style games.



The Urban Legend Series is a collection of Board Games, Books, and Trivia Cards geared towards African American Culture. The board game is a fun, interactive, and educational picture find thats easy to play. For ages 8 and up (players as young as 4 has played) 2 to 6 players. The Book was created to be read at all stages of your child's development. A hilarious storybook series, that's written comic book style that you can color. The Legendary Trivia Cards are 4 decks of card (50 cards per deck) all representing African American Culture.

Use the trivia cards to play Trivia Pursuit, Pictionary, and charades style games. As well as incorporate them into the Urban Legend board game to add more of an educational value.

A series of games and books that encourages and challenges our youth to learn, explore, and have family fun in a new exciting way.




Future Books of the Urban Legend Series


The Urban Legend: Fall Olympics….Going for Gold

THE URBAN LEGEND Fall Olympics...Going for Gold: The Book and Game. The second Book and Board Game in this four-part series. The story follows Paris, and his neighborhood friends as they compete in the OLYMPIC GAMES they created to find out, who's the BEST ATHLETE. Old and new characters join Paris in this HILARIOUS adventure of WILD childhood games that will surely NOT end well for some participants.

THE URBAN LEGEND Winter Wonderland....The Hunt for Santa

THE URBAN LEGEND Winter Wonderland...The Hunt for Santa: The Book and Game. The third Book and Board Game in this four-part series. This story follows Paris, and his friends as they try to find out…WHO is the REAL SANTA CLAUS. A host of new characters fill out this HILARIOUS adventure as Paris tries to INTERROGATE, SET TRAPS, CHASE, and even BARROW Santa’s sleigh to get to the bottom of this mystery. Someone's going to end up on the NAUGHTY list for sure.

THE URBAN LEGEND Spring Fling….Becoming the King of POP

THE URBAN LEGEND Spring Fling...Becoming the King of POP: Book and Board Game. The final Book, and Board Game of the four-part series. This story follows Paris as he frantically tries to learn how to dance before his school’s big SPRING FLING. COMEDY ensues as Paris enlists the help of a few WACKY, CRAZY, and BIZARRE new characters to teach him how to dance. He might just BREAK a leg, BECOMING THE KING OF POP


About The Urban Legend Creator & Author


Growing up on stories and fables that I could not identify with, and playing games that I could not relate to; I had a wonderful life going up in Washington, DC.  These are my childhood stories that I would tell my daughter before she went bed.  She found them so entertaining that it inspired me to write them into a series of books.  There were plenty of good times that were had be all and that are unique to our culture which are rarely told. We need to recognize and remember the African American Legends that have paved the way for young people today, and the future Legends of tomorrow.  The Urban Legend series will bring families together for story time and a WHOLE LOT of interactive fun.


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Its simple..

Support The Urban Legend Series because it was created in hopes to inspire young readers to be themselves Unapologetically!

Support Children Literacy, and African American Literature. 

Support because our communities deserve to be represented and have our childhood stories told in  a positive, fun and adventurous way.

Support because the game is educational for our Little Legends. 

Support our African American Authors.

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