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The         rban Legend Series
Family Books and Board Games 
Unleash the power of imagination, learning, and fun!

Get ready to spice up your family game nights with THE URBAN LEGEND Series! Our books, board games and trivia cards are the perfect recipe for a fun-filled evening with your loved ones.


Our collection of Board Games, Books, and Trivia Cards aspire to draw attention towards African American Culture. The Urban Legend board games are family focused infused with fun, education and interactive game play.


THE URBAN LEGEND SERIES intelligently ties the books, board games and trivia cards all together for one enjoyable experience. 

Use the trivia cards to play Trivia Pursuit, Pictionary, and charades style games. As well as incorporate them into the Urban Legend board game to add more of an educational value.  

Use the Little Legend cards as flash cards to build picture and word association.

A series of games and books that encourages and challenges our youth to learn, explore, and have family fun in a new exciting way!


 The Urban Legend Summer Adventures...      The Journey to be Cool


Book Overview

A storybook series written and illustrated in comic book style that you can color for readers 4+



An incredible collection of childhood stories written in comic book style that captures the imagination of its listeners and readers. 

This series is written with the intent to grow with a child’s educational development.

Color or Draw on Comic Strip Style images as the Author brings to life his hilarious childhood adventures during the hottest summer EVER!


This series is written with the intent to grow with a child’s educational development.

From ages 4 to 7, it’s a hilarious storybook introducing new vocabulary, encouraging outdoor exploration, sparking imaginative thinking and helps discover artistic talents. 


For ages 8 to 14, it’s also an expandable series of childhood relatable stories that captivates its readers with new exciting and unexpected pitfalls and triumphs that makes for a legendary childhood.

 The Urban Legend Summer Adventures...

  The Journey to be Cool Board Game


A 18x24 inch work of art.  2 to 6 players ages 4 and up.

A start to finish race, through Paris's Neighborhood.

The Urban Legend Books, transformed into a multiplayer, interactive, educational board game full of fun and excitement  

This is a simple (2) to (6) player game for ages 8 + wherein each player races to the FINISH. 




Product Overview


Play as individuals racing through Paris’ “THE URBAN LEGEND” neighborhood, trying to find ways to stay COOL during the HOTTEST summer ever.  Making it from SCHOOL, through the neighborhood, and to the BLOCK PARTY will not be an easy task. 

A prankster brother (GENE), a daredevil cousin (ANTOINE), help PARIS along this journey, a little.  Beware of a killer dog named Fluffy aka CHEWBARKA, and neighborhood BULLIES.  ROCKETS, SHORT CUTS, ROLLER COASTERS, a little tattle tale name KONA, and more stand between you and the sweet taste of POP’S RIBS.  Oh, and VICTORY at the FINISH line.

For ages 4 to 7 - The Picture Find Style board games teaches word association and memory skills. Basic mathematics skills involving addition, subtraction and word problems.  While building and improving instructional listening, and social interactive skills.  Designed with the intent that no player is left behind.  Players from ages 4 to adult can play within their age group or together, in this frantic race through Paris’ Neighborhood to become a Legend.

 The Urban Legend African American Trivia Card


A trivia card game for 2 or more players or group game play, for ages 8 and above.

Play and learn about African American Artists, Inventors, Athletes, Leaders and Scholars.  The Legends of our past, present and future. 



Product Overview

Introducing LEGENDARY TRIVIA CARDS - a celebration of African American history and culture. A trivia card game for 2 or more players or group game play, for ages 8 and above. These honor the triumphs and struggles of our ancestors, highlighting pivotal moments that have greatly influenced our society. Get ready to learn and be inspired!


The LEGENDARY TRIVIA CARDS are designed to be including into the game play of any of THE URBAN LEGEND board games.  Making learning our history and culture more appealing to children and parents alike.

Contact Us

Contact Us



Email us at THEURBANLEGENDSERIES@GMAIL.COM for bulk purchases, school visits, story time readings and other business opportunities with The Urban Legend.

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